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jaguargoddess in thelifelist

My Bucket List

Go to Times Square for New Year's Eve

Go on an African Safari and see lions

Shopping in Paris

Be serenaded with a song written about me

Graduate college

Get a doctorate in psychology

Fluidly speak another language (probably Spanish)

Go to a drive-in movie

Sky Dive

Sing karaoke at a bar (drunk or sober, whichever)

Learn to swing dance

Learn to cook at least one gourmet meal that I would be proud to serve other people

Have a fancy dinner party

Have a girly tea party

Be published

Have a pet chinchilla

Go to a paint party

Go on a cross country road trip with friends

Spend the night in a haunted house

Donate blood ( I am anemic...)

Go to Harry Potter Land

Try Butterbeer

Dye my hair a crazy color (blue)

Make out with some one with pop rocks in my mouth

Have a pet rabbit

Complete a Man vs Food challenge

Go to Bora Bora

Kiss underwater

Attend a masquerade

Make out with a celebrity

Ice Skate in Rockefeller Plaza

Go to Fashion Week in New York

Ride in a hot air balloon

Scuba Dive (a reef/ship wreck)

Cliff Dive

Own a salt water aquarium full of beautiful fish

Learn to belly dance

Have an adventure book

Eat from a food truck

Eat at a dining in the dark restaurant

Eat somewhere from Diners Drive ins and Dives


A List

May 2013

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